Save the planet
Where to start

Zero Waste Swaps

Change to a reusable water bottles

Change to reusable coffee cup

Reusable food wraps and covers instead of plastic wrap or aluminum foil

Switch chemical cleaners for natural ones (Vinegar, baking soda)

Buying local produce

Buying in bulk or going to a bulk bin store (Unwrapped zero waste)

Repair what you have and buy used

Reusable straws, forks and knives

Change your web browser to Ecosia (plants trees each time you search)

Saving energy

Swapping to LED

Buying energy efficient appliances

Sealing your rooms and house for AC leaks

Turning off lights, fans and appliances when not in use

Raising the temperature on your AC by one or two degrees

Using the clothes line instead of the dryer

Saving Water

Using aerators on faucets

Fixing leaks from toilets, showers, and sinks

Using rain water for plants

Using gray water for plants

Using a dishwasher

Using proper load size on your washer

Reusing grey water for plants.

Replenishing Resources
Going vegan

Good for the environment

Good for health

Babies and kids

Cloth/reusable diapers or “Eliminatiion Communication”

Breast feeding

Second hand clothes

Second hand furniture

Make your own baby food or “Baby Led Weaning”

Taking walks in the park

Reusable bottle for drinks in lunches


Organic or natural chemicals

Making your own cleaning solutions (vinager, lemon, and baking soda)

Reusable clothes (like microfibers)

Learning about minimalism