Plastic Beach Party  744-7829

Caya Betico Croes 59 (9am-6pm)  Flemingstraat 26 (24/7)

Takes and recycles all plastics excluding PVC, remakes them into various products. Also accepts cleaned cans and metal to be recycled with Daltra, clean cardboard to be recycled at Ecotech, and balashi and chill bottles.

Cost 5fl per kilogram for clean plastic and 10 fl per kilogram for dirty plastics. Cardboard, cans and bottles for free.


Arupro 730-0505

Van gallenstraat #4

Accepts PET (1) and HDPE (2) plastics . Recyclables must be clean, empty and separated by category. Please put them in clear or white plastic bags.


Daltra metal  585-7086

Parkietnbos # 30

Metal recycling, takes all old appliances, refrigerators, AC units, washer, as well as smaller metal like cans and scrap wires.



Paradise Scrap Brokerage Aruba- 747 4283

Barcadera 5F

Metal recycling, takes all metals, ACs and Car batteries.




Ecotech Cardboard582-4684

Barcadera 134 (between 8am-5pm) and Sabana Blanco 2 (24/7)

Collects cardboard in green Dumpster marked “Cardboard Only”. Does NOT accept paper, toilet paper rolls, waxy type boxes, or boxes with grease. 


Balashi 585-8700

 Accepts Balashi, Chill, and Magic Mango bottles

 At the Balashi Drive Thru Lloyd G. Smith Blvd 122, and at the factory Balashi 62 – Santa Cruz 


Palmera- 582-2122 

 Accepts Palmera bottles back. For every 12 bottles you bring back, they give you a small bottle in return.

 L.G. Smith Blvd (Sasakiweg) 140, Oranjestad


One Happy Bowl– 641-8919

 Accepts jars with metal lids to be reused in Zero Waste Store

 Renaissance Marketplace, L.G. Smith Boulevard 9 Oranjestad


Aruba life Organics– 562-2446

Accepts their own jars back as well as facial product jars/containers with lids (any color).

Can be dropped off at Zero Waste Spot- Caya Ernesto Petronia 26


BAZ-RRR Galleria– 564-1102

Accepts all jar sizes and lids for take away food and kids projects.

 Emma Straat #3 0000 Oranjestad


Eduardo’s Market 592 9551

 Recycles their Kambucha bottles

 J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 87,Eagle Beach



Compost Aruba    NO PHONE NUMBER

Drop-off Saturday 9am-11am at OneHappyBowl Renaissance Market Lloyd G. Smith Blvd 9, Oranjestad, Aruba

Collects food scraps, coffee and tea grounds, fruit and vegetable peelings.


Super Thrift– 593-7601

LG Smith Boulevard #106

Clothes articles, shoes, accessories ,household items, some basic furniture, books, etc.

Zero Waste Aruba562-2446

Caya Ernesto Petronia 26

Clothes, shoes, bags


Beu_thriftstore297 661-3469 Santa Theresita Center, San Nicolas

Clothes articles and shoes

Re-Love  562-2282

Ponton 69, I Store Building, Unit 7

Accepts clothes, shoes, jewlery

Red Cross– 582-2219 

Pedro Gallegostraat 14, Dakota

Donate clothes, shoes, furniture, books, everything. Drop off box is 24/7 for smaller things but call ahead for furniture donations



Seroe Blanco 14 A

Accepts clothes




Barcadera 134, and Sabana Blanco 2 

You need to send/bring pictures of the concrete to see if it can be recycled. You can order a large 10/15/20 yard bucket, transport is 80fl to have them deliver and pick-up the bucket. 

Online Recycling

Recycling Aruba – Ik geef weg – Mi ta regala

Facebook group where you can offer or ask for items to be reused. Selling is not allowed.


Antilla Energy Oils  588-0272

Kantuna Straat # 3-C

Collects cooking and automotive oils, must be in marked containers. Cooking Oils 


Carentra 593-2807
Barcadera 118

Takes used motor Oil and used car batteries.


Car Batteries

Carentra- 593-2807
Barcadera 118

Takes used car batteries and used motor Oil.

 Exports car batteries to a large stocklisted smelter in India where they separate the boxes, crush it, and make pellets for new boxes. They melt the lead into led ingots for battery manufacturers



Daltra metal  585-7086

Parkietnbos # 30

Metal recycling, takes all old appliances, refrigerators, AC units, washer, as well as smaller metal like cans and scrap wires.


Selling Second Hand
Plant Pots

Ban Lanta PlantaNO Address/PHONE NUMBER- contact on website form

planting pots 1 to 5 gallon, empty paint-buckets, yogurt pots and trees

Electronic Waste

Crown Aruba– 588-9881
L.G. Smith Blvd 156
Crown takes SOME cell phones with their cords back



Laptop take back program. Register online and print out a label to send the laptop back to Dell to be recycled.

Trees/Green Waste


Barcadera 134 (between 8am-5pm) 

Accepts branches and wood to be mulched. Also delivers containers of mulch. 



Barcadera 134 (between 8am-5pm)

Collects tires at Barcadera plant for a processing fee. 

Egg Cartoons

Superfood- 522 2000

Bubali 141 A

Accepts all local egg cartoons at their customer service desk.