Cowspiracy- Netflix, Amazon,,

Seapiracy- Netflix

Kiss the ground- Netflix, Vimeo

The story of stuff-

Desolation: The Environmental Impact of Aruba’s Adventure Tourism-

Our planet- Netflix, Amazon,

Before the flood- Disney+, Amazon,

Game changers- Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo

Other Websites and Projects

Climate Action Aruba

Activist community trying to make changes


Circular Economy Aruba




 Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC Aruba)

Eco tours

Aruba Aloe– 588-3222

Pitastraat 115, Aruba

Aruba aloe farm and museum, see how Aloe products are made and learn the history of the industry in Aruba.


Eco Living Aruba– 593-6245

Bee tour to see how they extract honey and to taste test the honey.


WEB– 280-4600

Balashi 76, Aruba

Water and Electric plant tour, see how Aruba’s water is cleaned and power is made.

Family Farm Aruba 561-2604

Aquaponics farm that gives tours and does consultations

HappyPonics- 529-6738

Paradera #159

Aquaponics farm that gives tours on Saturdays


Green bike Aruba– 594-6368

Rent a bike and see Aruba on your own, or take a guided tour.


Ecotours Aruba– 730-0077

Schotlandstraat 50, unite 7 Orange Plaza

 Tours primarily focus on sustainable tourism with an ecologically friendly base.


Salty Hike– 594-1420

Guided hikes.




Maps Ocean Wealth-

Live online resource for sharing understanding of the value of marine and coastal ecosystems to people. It includes global maps, regionally-specific studies, reference data, and a number of “apps” providing key data analytics



Science and free tools that:
Quantifies the benefits and values of trees around the world.

Aids in tree and forest management and advocacy.

Shows potential risks to tree and forest health.

Is based on peer-reviewed, USDA Forest Service Research.