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Our Home Your Holiday– Rights of Nature in Aruba-

Our Home Your Holiday- Aruba’s Turtles with TurtugAruba-

Our Home Your Holiday– Trash2Cash

Ban Serio– Plastic: With Plastic Beach Party-

Ban Serio– Coral Bleaching: With SchubblesBubbles




Cowspiracy- Netflix, Amazon,,

Seapiracy- Netflix

Kiss the ground- Netflix, Vimeo

The story of stuff-

Desolation: The Environmental Impact of Aruba’s Adventure Tourism-

Our planet- Netflix, Amazon,

Before the flood- Disney+, Amazon,

Game changers- Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo

Chasing Coral- Netflix, Chasing Coral | FULL FEATURE | Netflix – YouTube

Plastic Ocean- Netflix and Youtube rent (HD),  A Plastic Ocean – YouTube

Research in Aruba

UAUCU Student Research Exchange

Full Collection of Digital versions of UAUCU papers




2015 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers
Research Papers:

2016 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

Research Papers:

2017 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

Research Papers:

2018 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

Research Papers:

2019 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

Research Papers:

2020 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

2021 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Closed Due to COVID

2022 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers 

  • Milena Stoilova, Sustainable tourism in Aruba: a myth or reality? A case study from the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
  • Klara Röhrs, Remembering the Coast: Assessing the coastline and coastal changes on Aruba by using volunteered geographic information (VGI)
  • Carlotta M. Henning, Learning to play it by ear: Understanding barriers to public participation in urban planning on Aruba
  • Karlijn van der Loo, If the Ship Stops Sailing: How can food sovereignty in Aruba be protected in public policy and developed as a notion in international human rights law?
  • Lynn Smeets, Impacting the island’s future: an insight into the effect of perceived efficacy of young Arubans on their civic and political engagement in environmental action
  • Maro A. Savvides, Communicating the Geologic History of Aruba: Contextualizing Gold and Incorporating Human Activity as a Geologic Force
  • Joao Wendrich Teixeira, Winds of change in Aruba: a Push For The Return of higher Biodiversity
  • Tracy van der Biezen, How citizen science can contribute to Aruba’s SDG indicators: Creating a framework for meta-analysis
  • Endy Brooks. SIDS vertical farming: water- and energy assessment on Albion strawberry production in Aruba
  • Nigel de Cuba, The challenges of implementing circularity in the flow of waste tyres on Aruba
  • Alejandra Moreno, Food security perceived by Aruban households
  • Armand Kelly, Electrification of airside equipment at Aruba Airport Authority
  • Rachel Nel, Fostering community stewardship: The role of sense of place in participation in environmental initiatives
  • Sophia Klaußner, Water = Water, right? Comparing wetlands on the island of Aruba to determine influences of wastewater effluents on the water quality of a wetland area
  • Laura Mathieu, Breathing Unevenly: Community Response to Environmental Injustice. A case study of Aruba’s Landfill and the Parkietenbos community
  • Michel Frank, Citizen science, a tool to fill the plastic waste data gap in Aruba
  • Daniel Balutowski, Brown Tides: Assessing the Past, Present, & Future State of Sargassum in Aruba




2023 UAUCU Student Research Exchange : Collected Papers




Other Websites and Projects

Climate Action Aruba

Activist community trying to make changes



Make Aruba a Green Environment Club- Students from University of Aruba, take on sustainable projects throughout the Island.


Brenchie’s Lab




United Farmers Aruba

 (10) United Farmers Aruba | Facebook


Adopt a Beehive- Contact David at:


Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC Aruba)


Circular Economy Aruba



Eco tours

Aruba Aloe– 588-3222

Pitastraat 115, Aruba

Aruba aloe farm and museum, see how Aloe products are made and learn the history of the industry in Aruba.


Eco Living Aruba– 593-6245

Bee tour to see how they extract honey and to taste test the honey.


WEB– 280-4600

Balashi 76, Aruba

Water and Electric plant tour, see how Aruba’s water is cleaned and power is made.

Family Farm Aruba 561-2604

Aquaponics farm that gives tours and does consultations

HappyPonics 529-6738

Paradera #159

Aquaponics farm that gives tours on Saturdays

Green bike Aruba– 594-6368

Rent a bike and see Aruba on your own, or take a guided tour.


Ecotours Aruba– 730-0077

Schotlandstraat 50, unite 7 Orange Plaza

 Tours primarily focus on sustainable tourism with an ecologically friendly base.


Salty Hike– 594-1420

Guided hikes.


Apps and Tools

 Share Waste– App to meet your neighbors and help you share organic scraps.


Buy nothing– Buy Nothing, share everything


Ecosia- Search engine that plants a tree every 40 searches


Maps Ocean Wealth-

Live online resource for sharing understanding of the value of marine and coastal ecosystems to people. It includes global maps, regionally-specific studies, reference data, and a number of “apps” providing key data analytics



Science and free tools that:
Quantifies the benefits and values of trees around the world.

Aids in tree and forest management and advocacy.

Shows potential risks to tree and forest health.

Is based on peer-reviewed, USDA Forest Service Research.