Documentaries and Videos

Cowspiracy- Netflix, Amazon,,

Seapiracy- Netflix

Kiss the ground- Netflix, Vimeo

The story of stuff-

Ban Serio– Plastic: With Plastic Beach Party-

Ban Serio– Coral Bleaching: With SchubblesBubbles

Desolation: The Environmental Impact of Aruba’s Adventure Tourism-

Our planet- Netflix, Amazon,

Before the flood- Disney+, Amazon,

Game changers- Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo

Chasing Coral- Netflix, Chasing Coral | FULL FEATURE | Netflix – YouTube

Plastic Ocean- Netflix and Youtube rent (HD),  A Plastic Ocean – YouTube

Research in Aruba
Other Websites and Projects

Climate Action Aruba

Activist community trying to make changes


Circular Economy Aruba




Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC Aruba)


Brenchie’s Lab




United Farmers Aruba

 (10) United Farmers Aruba | Facebook



Adopt a Beehive- Contact David at:



Eco tours

Aruba Aloe– 588-3222

Pitastraat 115, Aruba

Aruba aloe farm and museum, see how Aloe products are made and learn the history of the industry in Aruba.


Eco Living Aruba– 593-6245

Bee tour to see how they extract honey and to taste test the honey.


WEB– 280-4600

Balashi 76, Aruba

Water and Electric plant tour, see how Aruba’s water is cleaned and power is made.

Family Farm Aruba 561-2604

Aquaponics farm that gives tours and does consultations

HappyPonics- 529-6738

Paradera #159

Aquaponics farm that gives tours on Saturdays


Green bike Aruba– 594-6368

Rent a bike and see Aruba on your own, or take a guided tour.


Ecotours Aruba– 730-0077

Schotlandstraat 50, unite 7 Orange Plaza

 Tours primarily focus on sustainable tourism with an ecologically friendly base.


Salty Hike– 594-1420

Guided hikes.


Apps and Tools

 Share Waste– App to meet your neighbors and help you share organic scraps.


Buy nothing– Buy Nothing, share everything


Ecosia- Search engine that plants a tree every 40 searches



Maps Ocean Wealth-

Live online resource for sharing understanding of the value of marine and coastal ecosystems to people. It includes global maps, regionally-specific studies, reference data, and a number of “apps” providing key data analytics



Science and free tools that:
Quantifies the benefits and values of trees around the world.

Aids in tree and forest management and advocacy.

Shows potential risks to tree and forest health.

Is based on peer-reviewed, USDA Forest Service Research.