Get involved


Ban Lanta Y Planta– Sign up on website

Planting and watering trees to help reforest Aruba

Plastic Beach Party– Sign up on website

Washing, sorting, cutting up plastics (Incentive- you can recycle your household plastics for free)


Scubble Bubbles- Show up Once a month for their beach clean-up (announced 5 days beforehand)

Beach clean ups as well as coral restoration


Climate Action Aruba– Activity events on Facebook page

Various activities


Compost Aruba    Contact through website

Collects compost at various locations and helps you make your own compost at home.


M.A.G.E.C.– Contact through Facebook

MAGEC- Making Aruba a Green Environment Club, activities on Facebook


Turtugaruba Foundation– 592-9393

Turtle watchers and activists


Online Groups

Ban Lanta Y Planta- 

Watering trees to help reforest Aruba takes a lot of money to buy the water from WEB


Plastic Beach Party– 

Sells products made from recycled plastics, as well as products to help with a Zero Waste lifestyle


Scubble Bubbles- 

Beach clean up, and also donations help to re-growing coral reefs around Aruba


Climate Action Aruba– Activity events on facebook page

Trying to promote a greener Aruba

 Eco Living Aruba– 593-6245

Save the bees