Household items


EcoLiving Aruba  563-8268 / 593-6245

Pos Abou 20G (by appointment only)

Soaps, beeswax products (lip balms, shaving creams, mosquito repellents and salves)

CC bath & body aruba– 569-4400

L.G.Smith Blvd 126

Organic bar soap, organic laundry soaps, organic teas, organic lotions, etc. Has refillable bottles.

Holistika  593-7070

L.G. Smith Blvd 388

Soaps and skin care

HaBon Aruba– 594-5777

Caya Taratata 11

Aruba Aloe 588-3222

Pitastraat 115

Soaps, lotions, fragrances , skin care creams


Arubalife Organics 592-7597

NO ADDRESS- sales through retailers

Sunscreen, make-up, skin care

Cleaning Products

Arupro– 730-0505

Van gallenstraat #4

Eco Friendly cleaning products, produced locally.

CC bath & body Aruba– 569-4400

L.G.Smith Blvd 126

Organic laundry soaps, organic teas, organic lotions, organic soaps, etc. Has refillable bottles.


Super Thrift- LG Smith Boulevard #106 593 7601

Some basic furniture, clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, books, etc.


Hotels to goDakota: Avenida Milo Croes 78 or Schotlandstraat 585-9594 568-9019

Beds, couches, dressers, tables

Red Cross– 582-2219 

Pedro Gallegostraat 14, Dakota

Furniture, clothes, shoes,, books, accessories, household items, etc.



ReLovePonton 69, I Store Building, Unit 7 562-2282

Clothes, shoes, jewelry


Super Thrift- LG Smith Boulevard #106 593 7601

Clothes articles,shoes, accessories ,household items, some basic furniture, books, etc.


Red Cross– 582-2219 and 588-4004

Pedro Gallegostraat 14, and Lagoweg 36



Seroe Blanco 14 A

Exclusive Vintage Boutique– 561-1774

Sta Cruz 32-C loc 4; POINT PLAZA


Caribbean grown- 567-7668

Zero Waste Essentials
Candles and scents

Sun and Sand Soy Candles– 630-1776

Sells soy candles. Jars and containers can be brought back and refilled, or if you have a container you like, they can make a candle for you in that.