Household items


Zero Waste Aruba– 562-2446

Caya Ernesto Petronia 26


Ponton 69, I Store Building, Unit 7

Clothes, shoes, jewelry


Super Thrift- 593-7601

LG Smith Boulevard #106

Clothes articles, shoes, accessories ,household items, some basic furniture, books, etc.


Beu_thriftstore297- 661-3469

Santa Theresita Center, San Nicolas

Clothes articles and shoes


Red Cross– 582-2219 and 588-4004

Pedro Gallegostraat 14, and Lagoweg 36


Exclusive Vintage Boutique– 561-1774

Sta Cruz 32-C loc 4; POINT PLAZA

Zero Waste Essentials

Zero Waste Spot Aruba– 562-2446

Caya Ernesto Petronia 26 

Zero Waste swap store, Plant Library, and Thrift store



EcoLiving Aruba  563-8268 / 593-6245

Pos Abou 20G (by appointment only)

Soaps, beeswax products (lip balms, shaving creams, mosquito repellents and salves)

CC bath & body aruba– 569-4400

L.G.Smith Blvd 126

Organic bar soap, organic laundry soaps, organic teas, organic lotions, etc. Has refillable bottles.

Holistika  593-7070

L.G. Smith Blvd 388

Soaps and skin care

HaBon Aruba– 594-5777

Caya Taratata 11

Aruba Aloe 588-3222

Pitastraat 115

Soaps, lotions, fragrances , skin care creams

Arubalife Organics 592-7597

NO ADDRESS- sales through retailers

Sunscreen, make-up, skin care

Cleaning Products

Arupro– 730-0505

Van gallenstraat #4

Eco Friendly cleaning products (sanitizers, bath gels, all purpose, septic, food, laundry, vehicles) produced locally. All Arupro product bottles can be refilled at the stores and bottles can be brought back for 10 cent incentive.


CC bath & body Aruba– 569-4400

L.G.Smith Blvd 126

Organic laundry soaps, organic teas, organic lotions, organic soaps, etc. Has refillable bottles.


Super Thrift-  593-7601

LG Smith Boulevard #106

Some basic furniture, clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, books, etc.

Hotel used furniture & more– 741-7432

Caya Betico Croes 193E Oranjestad, Aruba

 Used hotel furniture and Upholstery


Hotels to go 585-9594 or 568-9019

Dakota: Avenida Milo Croes 78 or Schotlandstraat

Beds, couches, dressers, tables

Red Cross– 582-2219 

Pedro Gallegostraat 14, Dakota

Furniture, clothes, shoes,, books, accessories, household items, etc.


Fantastic Gardens Aruba- 583-2650

Bushiri 14 Oranjestad, Aruba


Caribbean grown- 567-7668

Candles and scents

Sun and Sand Soy Candles– 630-1776

Sells soy candles. Jars and containers can be brought back and refilled, or if you have a container you like, they can make a candle for you in that.