Farmer's Markets

297 Farms– 735-0095
Every Saturday in Savaneta


STR Agriculture- 699-2372
Every Saturday in Alto Vista


HappyPonics– 699-3794
Every 3rd Saturday in Paradera


Ostrich Farm– 585-9630
Every 1st Sunday in Paradera



HappyPonics- 529-6738

Paradera #159

Locally grows and sells 11 different varieties of lettuce. Order and delivery

297 Farms  735-0095 or 529-6738

Locally grows and sells produce through Ling and Sons and Do-Center, look for the “297 Farm” logo

Also opens a farmer’s market every Saturday in Savaneta, sells lettuce, garden herbs and a small assortment of vendors.



STR Agriculture- 699-2372
Opens a farmer’s market every Saturday in Alto Vista


Sells watermelons, papayas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, food an more.


Farmacure Fungi– 736-6905

LG Smith 94 Blvd (Royal Plaza second floor)

Gourmet & medicinal mushroom farm in Aruba


Cocolishi Greens Aruba-  567-3533

Locally grows and sells bell peppers, lettuce, papayas, bananas, radish, tomatoes and more.


D’abaru en Dushi-Pasaboca– 594-1899

Locally grows fruits and vegetables and sell from house, also makes and sells Vegan Burgers through Mondo Nobo


Petite greens Aruba– 562 1052
Locally grows and sells micro greens through Ling and Sons, or can be ordered and delivered.

Deli Caribbean Aruba/Daily Growing  583-2373

Schotlandstraat 51,Suite 8-E

Locally grows and sells mushrooms. Found at the distribution center or through retailers.


Koolman Family Farms Aruba-

Paradera 157B, Oranjestad

Locally grows and sells Cherry tomatoes.


Cunucu Jaburibari– 641 9477

Jaburibari Oranjestad, Aruba

Locally grows and sells Peanuts, pumpkins, and beans.


Italia Aruba– 585-7617

Sells Pasta noodles made in Aruba

Meats and Eggs

Primo Farms 583-5023

 Pos Abou 7


Family Farm Aruba 561-2604

Sells Tilapia fish from his aquaponics farm

Bakery and Bread

-Bright Bakery585-9031

Stone Plat 44

Sells breads and various baked goods.


Huchada 585-8302

328 Santa Cruz

Sells bread and various baked goods.


La Espiga de Oro–  588-3272

Food and Bakery

Willy Pan– 587-7050

Tanki Leendert 241


Nani Pan– 583-9966

Cumana 1

Gourmet Bakery

T2Pan– 5609064

Gasparito 9 F, Noord

Natural Sour dough breads- takes orders on website. Sometimes has extra bread for walk-ins


Virgilio– 582-1036

Boliviastraat 16


Frutería Paradera– 699-0190

Paradera 134, Route 4 Across from MFA Paradera



Fruteria La estacion– 731-2804

Santa Cruz 48



Fruteria La Economica– 583-5131

Solito 176, Oranjestad


Fruteria Santo Domingo 588-2797

Windstraat 32, Oranjestad



Refill Aruba

Places marked by refill Aruba will fill water bottles for free with water from the tap



Water made from Air vapor using solar powered technology. 


Balashi62 Santa Cruz 585-8700

Makes and sells beer

Bottles are recyclable at their facilities.


Palmera Quality Products–  582-2122 / 582-4277

L.G. Smith Blvd (Sasakiweg) 140

Rum and other imports

Can recycle their bottle at above address when finished.


Trade Winds Coffee Spot– 731-0095

Katuna straat #3

You can bring your own reusable cup (hot and cold beverages). Reusable mugs and cups are for sale at the cafe if you don’t already have one.


Island Grind Coffee– 699-9624
Palm Beach 13a

Roasted, packaged and sold in Aruba coffee. (Bring your own cup and receiver a discount on their coffee!)

Kompananzi– 735-3505 Whatsapp: 735-3505

Locations on

Organic Coffee, packaged in Aruba