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Here you can learn more about Zero Waste and how you can be a part of making Aruba more sustainable by transition into a zero waste lifestyle.




We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth as they are infinite and when we are done using them they end up in a landfill where we bury or burn them if they don’t end up in the ocean, polluting our waters and killing marine life.

The goal of zero waste is to redefine and move to a circular economy where we take as little as possible new resources and produce ideally zero waste. The circular economy mimics nature in that there is no waste. So instead of discarding resources, we create a system where all resources can be resumed fully back into the system. Zero waste is more an ideal than a hard target.


The goal is to continuously reduce waste generation and improve waste management systems. Aruba’s waste management systems still have a long way to go to mainstream Zero Waste and our mission is to questions the decisions and demand more sustainable solutions.


Waste is the result of a system inefficiency. Not only waste symbolises bad design but it also costs businesses money.  We want to support businesses on the island in making the necessary changes to move towards a circular economy.


,As consumers we have a lot of power, every time we buy something we are casting a vote, every decision we make every day is either destroying or saving the planet. We want to teach individuals that a  zero waste lifestyle can help us to reduce costs, eat healthier, live smarter and reduce our environmental footprint.



 We are a community of very concerned individuals about what our waste and living habits have done and are doing to our planet but, we are very hopeful to turn it back around by spreading awareness

What we do

As Zero Waste Aruba we aim to raise public awareness on the island about the impact that waste has on our environment and the importance of waste reduction and waste management in all aspects of life. More specifically, our focus will be on making the waste problems known, motivate sustainable change of behavior and actively support the involvement of the concerned parties.


In our blog you can find information, tips, and tricks on how to live a more sutainable lifestyle. 

Zero Waste map

On this map you can find businesses that help you live a zero waste life.

15 tips for a zero waste vacation

We have teamed up with vacation rental Blue Marble at the Pearl to bring you 15 tips that will help you have a more sustainable vacation and lifestyle.


We are always looking for volunteers/collaborators to work with us. If you have an idea and would like to share it please don’t hesitate in contacting us!

Super Dae

Aruba's Top Eco- volunteer

Julienne Heronimo

Owner Aruba-life Organics

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